The Website Is Back Up

Don’t be like me and have your debit card declined for your hosting.

In a year or so when I’ve gotten over my own shame for this foolish action I’ll probably repurpose this post for a “first post”.






3 responses to “The Website Is Back Up”

  1. morj Avatar

    If you’ve lost your posts, I have them saved in my RSS reader. But the reader is getting weird with you having reposted the 3ds challenge writeup..

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks a ton for offering to bring them back! I had managed to recover the 3DS challenge, Itanic Part 1, and the currently half-done Itanic Part 2, but I lost my citro3d article. It wouldn’t take too long for me to remake, but I’d be incredibly grateful if you could send it my way ^^

      1. morj Avatar

        Sure. I don’t see a way to contact you other than through this comment field though. =) If you see my email in your DB, send me a message and I’ll send you an html.

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